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Consecutive interpreting

Afford Translations and Interpreting Ltd. has been providing high-quality translations since 2004 at favorable prices for business, technical, medical, and private purposes to corporations, organizations, international language service providers, and individuals. As well as an excellent value for the money, the office is characterized by experienced translators and interpreters, appropriate technical background supporting translation, and customer focus.

Consecutive interpreting / Following interpretation

The interpreter translates a few sentences of the speaker’s words while the speaker pauses. This is generally most suitable for small, personal meetings, such as business meetings. In the case of consecutive (following) interpretation, presentation times double due to delivery in two languages.

The consecutive or following method is used for conference interpretation, lectures, and larger presentations. In these cases, the speaker will tell a linked unit that the interpreter summarizes in sections. Conference equipment, Interpretation equipment (interpreters in interpreter booths speak into microphones followed by the audience with headphones) helps make it possible to translate what was said into several languages at the same time.

Continuous interpretation of speakers: Synchronous Interpretation (Simultaneous interpretation).

Important: a native-language interpreter is not enough! It greatly improves the interpretation quality when background materials are prepared in advance. If you can provide this for your task, then send it to our interpretation office.

Afford’s commitment to confidentiality applies to background material for interpretation as well. Read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions.

Wages for interpreters are generally accounted for in half (4-hour) or full (8-hour) days. Request a quote, or order an interpretation!

We are always very satisfied with Afford’s work and their kindly attitudes. They’re a pleasure to work with!

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