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Afford Translations and Interpreting Ltd. has been providing high-quality translations since 2004 at favorable prices for business, technical, medical, and private purposes to corporations, organizations, international language service providers, and individuals. As well as an excellent value for the money, the office is characterized by experienced translators and interpreters, appropriate technical background supporting translation, and customer focus.

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Facts about the Hungarian language:

  • Most Hungarian speakers live in Hungary. Outside of Hungary, the language is spoken mainly in other Carpathian Basin countries: Romania (mostly Transylvania), Slovakia, Serbia (Vojvodina), Ukraine (Transcarpathia), Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.
  • The Hungarian language became one of Hungary’s official languages in 1836 (based on Article III of the Legislative Act of 1836), and the country's sole official language since 1844 (based on Article II of the Legislative Act of 1844).
  • Hungarian is an official language of the European Union.
  • Hungarian is also one of the official languages of Vojvodina and three Slovene villages (Dobrovnik, Lendava, and Őrihodos). In terms of the number of native speakers, Hungarian ranks 62nd among world languages. In Europe, it is the 14th most widely spoken language, and it is the most spoken language that is not a part of the Indo-European language family.
  • The number of native Hungarian speakers overall is estimated at 17 million (the most populous in the Ugric language family). Nearly 14.5 million live in the Carpathian Basin: 10 million in Hungary; 2.5 million in Romania; 1 million in Slovakia; 700,000 in the former Yugoslavia; 250,000 in Transcarpathia; 50,000 people in Austria. In other countries in Europe 300,000 thousand speak it.
  • The number of Hungarian native-speakers in the world is roughly 15 million. In the European Union, there are 13 million native speakers of Hungarian, of which 12.5 million live in the Carpathian Basin.
  • Writing system: an extended version of Latin.


What we offer: Hungarian translation, Hungarian technical translation, Hungarian native-language proofreading, Hungarian technical proofreading, Hungarian official translation, Hungarian interpreting – Request a quote, or order Hungarian translation, or Hungarian interpreting!

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Abacus Medicine is an ever-growing company with a social goal of providing life-saving medicines to people at a lower price. We only work with qualified, reliable suppliers and strive for long-term partnerships to keep our purpose. We have been cooperating with Afford for 5 years now, we regularly order translations.
As our commercial, networking and knowledge transfer activities become more intense across Europe, we are already translating our leaflets into German and English from 16 different languages (such as Portuguese, Dutch and Lithuanian) with the Afford team.

Our goal is to work with a translation agency that can consistently provide good quality, paying attention to the correct use of pharmaceutical terminology that is very important to us. They have never disappointed us before!

Szente László

Regulatory Affairs Manager


Wir blicken mittlerweile auf über zehn Jahre Zusammenarbeit mit Afford zurück, die von gegenseitigem Vertrauen geprägt ist.

Vielen Dank für die gute Zusammenarbeit in all den Jahren. Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Jahrzehnt mit Afford.

EnssnerZeitgeist Translations GmbH

We are always very satisfied with Afford’s work and their kindly attitudes. They’re a pleasure to work with!

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