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Financial translation

Afford Translations and Interpreting Ltd. has been providing high-quality translations since 2004 at favorable prices for business, technical, medical, and private purposes to corporations, organizations, international language service providers, and individuals. As well as an excellent value for the money, the office is characterized by experienced translators and interpreters, appropriate technical background supporting translation, and customer focus.

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Financial, economic, and business translation are collective names for a number of sub-fields. They are often paired with legal translation and certified, endorsed translation. Afford Translations Agency offers a complete solution.

Afford Translations Agency undertakes:

Accounting translation, auditing translation, banking translations, business translations, trade translations, financial translations, insurance translation, translation of investments, stock exchange translation, translation of taxation, accounting translation, translation of management materials, translation of controlling materials.

Financial statements, financial plans, budgets, financial statements translation. Financial reporting, annual reports, profit and loss account, cash flow translation. General ledger, general ledger statement, balance, balance statement and account translation. Tax certificate, tax return translation. Controller report translation, translation of audit reporting. Stock market analysis and stock exchange transaction translation, translation of documents and contracts necessary to become a financial services company. Stock exchange licensing translation, authorization of investment funds translation, translation of Financial Supervisory Authority’s (PSZAF) reports. Calls for bids and quotations.

With financial, business and economic texts, there is often a need for notarized, endorsed translation. Afford Translations Agency can also help you with this.

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