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Legal translation

Afford Translations and Interpreting Ltd. has been providing high-quality translations since 2004 at favorable prices for business, technical, medical, and private purposes to corporations, organizations, international language service providers, and individuals. As well as an excellent value for the money, the office is characterized by experienced translators and interpreters, appropriate technical background supporting translation, and customer focus.

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Afford’s technical translators carry out:

Translation of corporate legal texts (company creation and modification, business share sale and purchase agreements), foreign trade legal translation (contract translation, declaration translation), economic legal translation (credit, mortgage, and assignment agreements), legal real estate transaction translation (sales contract translation, lease contract translation), translation of court judgements, rulings, and decisions and translation of European Union legislation. Afford also handles agency contract translation, service contract translation, employment contract translation, business contract translation, subcontract translation, loan agreement translation, lease agreement translation, court record translation, judicial decree translation, police and court order translation, and translation of police and judicial minutes.

Legal and contractual texts are often very similar and repetition is common. When translating them, use of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools is recommended. Aside from repetitions in the texts providing a better rate and therefore a reduced price, quality is also improved by ensuring coherence and consistency.

With legal texts, there is often a need for notarized, endorsed translation. Afford Translations Agency can also help you with this.

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