Medical and pharmaceutical specialist translation

The translation of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical texts requires a great deal of care, high-level specialist knowledge and professionalism. This is a wide-ranging field of expertise, in which the translation of texts requires specialist knowledge beyond general medical-pharmaceutical proficiency. This factor is of primary importance when identifying a translator for a particular task. These professional activities are managed by the med.afford division.

We perform our work in accordance with the ISO 17100 2015 and ISO 9001 2015 quality management systems while observing stringent regulatory regimes at the national and international level, (including statutory provisions and legal requirements, e.g. EMA guidelines) and preparing our translations in full compliance with these measures. When necessary, we also use terminology databases (e.g. MedDRA), which are required by most of our clients.

Our high-quality work is further supported by our multilevel quality assurance system, which includes the application of modern translation technology solutions, a translator-selection process, outstanding project management and a client-oriented approach. The translators and proofreaders we employ are physicians, pharmacists, biologists, physicians, chemists and psychologists who are active in their respective fields and have years of translation experience.

We work under strict confidentiality agreements with our clients and translators alike and our work processes are in full compliance with GDPR requirements.

Upon request, we can provide you with more information on our relevant professional experience, specialist translators, work processes and references.


400+ satisfied clients

Many of them have been our partners for 10+ years

150+ language pairs

Not only do we translate into and from Hungarian, we also cover the majority of European and Asian languages

400+ competent specialist translators

We work with native speaker professionals of the target language
Our regular clients most often employ our services in the following specialist fields:
Documents related to marketing authorisation and obtaining permits
Medical devices (manuals, software localisation, etc.)
Clinical trials (protocols, contracts, etc.)
Miscellaneous pharmaceutical and medical texts
Medical marketing materials
Afford in numbers
17100:2015 quality control system
Language combinations
Satisfied clients
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